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Healthy Grilling

Checkered tablecloths, playful kids, bathing suit trucks and paper plates; all come to mind when we think of  barbeque! Summer is a perfect occasion to grill with loved ones. Why not make it a healthier day when grilling?

  1. Marinate meat to reduce carcinogens- it protects the protein in the meat from the heat of the grill
  2. Clean your grill to keep bacteria from lingering
  3. Cook lean meats- lean meat means less fat to drip to flames which means less carcinogens to become smoke
  4. Beware of burnt- burnt food has less of the good nutrients in it that normal meat and more carcinogens
  5. Reduce bacteria in meat by flipping it constantly and cooking it to appropriate temperatures based on guidelines
  6. Cook smaller cut this will reduce cooking time which means it will be over the potentially harmful smoke for a shorter piece of time- not to mention it will help with portions!
  7. Go beyond meat! All foods such as vegetables, fruits and different carbohydrates can be cooked on the barbeque for a healthier, tasty meal.
  8. Preheat the grill for longer than you think- the heat will kill leftover bacteria so it won’t get on your new food
  9. Cut cross contamination- use different utensils as the meat becomes more well done to avoid getting raw germs on cooked food
  10. Cook fish more often. Fish has many benefits and is filled with heart healthy omega 3s. Same grill taste and experience, healthier option
  11. Choose chicken breast over dark meat- it has much less fat
  12. Choose a chicken or turkey burger for a leaner burger
  13. Cook with a rack, a wood plank or parchment paper- this will allow the fat to drip off of the food instead of lingering on it
  14. Choose to eat a skinless chicken drumstick marinated in herbs.
  15. Don’t forget to clean your grill with a stainless steal brush.
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