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Frequently Asked Questions

Will diet and exercise help with my diabetes?

Americans spend an amazing $132 million annually in health care for diabetes alone according to; the right diet and exercise program can dramatically cut that in half if we regain control of our lifestyles.

Are all omega-3s the same?

No, if the sources of fish oils are not from a safe and regulated source you are exposing yourself to toxic carcinogens like mercury and other contaminants.

Who is at risk for heart disease?

Men and women with one or more persons in their family with heart disease, being overweight, smoking, being sedentary, lipid imbalances, and we must not forget high blood levels of C-reactive protein, homocysteine, and insulin insensitivity.

Are all supplements the same?

No, all vitamins are not created equally, depending on source and quality control, it will affect the efficacy of the supplement.

Who needs a nutritionist?

In my opinion in the 21 century going on the Internet  may be confusing- why not check out a nutritionist to get a professional opinion.

Why is obesity so prevalent? And we are all on diets?

We need to go back to basics, and eat food in its most pure form, while keeping our body nutritionally sound.

I noticed my child is getting overweight can she benefit from seeing a nutritionist?

Most definitively, with child obesity on the rise they are at great risk for disease. Starting your child on a program early can be beneficial.

Will I learn what vitamins are in which foods?

Yes, I help people use food as a tool to give their body the right nutrients.

My doctor says I have to lose weight; can I just take a pill or go on a strict diet for a while?

No sorry, I call diets foods prisons, and there is no such pill. Learning how to eat healthy, along with a fitness program, and learning how to cope with stress, and supplements, is about choosing a healthier life style plan, and ultimately will result in weight loss.

All this talk about anti-aging, is their any truth to that?

Every year your cells produce a whole other body, can you imagine what our cells would look like if they were fortified with the proper foods and with some TLC, anti-aging is an example of regenerating new fresh cells to make a younger you.

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