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Headline Manhasset Press: Fish vs Mercury - published 8/7/08

Is our fish getting all caught up in Mercury?
Mercury a heavy metal seems to be the big buzz word lately. We know eating fish can supply us with heart healthy omega 3 oils but is it safe?
For years I have been advocating to my patients try to include more fish in your diet, and include a fish oil capsule as a part of your daily requirements. An abundance of scientific research substantiates the wide-range health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in fish,however in an ideal world our fish would be pure of contaminants, sadly enough some of the fish we eat are polluted with mercury, the most recent study showed high levels of mercury in Tuna, swordfish and king mackerel.
This magical oil found in fish has so many health benefits, from anti-inflamortory properties to heart health. The list goes on for healthful benefits of this oil.
Mercury found in our air, collected in our rain then residing in our oceans absorbed in our natural food chain, can make it’s way into tonight’s dinner.
The answer is not to stop eating fish, the benefits outweigh the problem, try to choose fish which have lower rates of mercury content, such as Wild Salmon, Sardines, and deep sea fishes have been known to have lower levels.

Q. I know I should eating more fish, and I want to cook it for my family, but I just don’t know
how to prepare it.
A. There are hundreds of recipes in books and on the internet , you can even check a local school for a cooking demo for ways to learn to prepare fish, a healthy way is preparing it in Parchment paper, it will hold on to it’s natural oils.

Q. I recently started taking a fish oil, can my fish oil capsule contain Mercury?
A. Sure can, Unless it’s certified and it states capsule is pure from contaminants such as PCB’S and Mercury. You can be getting mercury in your daily fish oil capsule. Best to ask a professional which is the purest brand.

Q.My wife and I like to go eat sushi, does the mercury level change if it’s cooked or not?
A. Cooked or uncooked Mercury levels don’t change in fish, try to choose the higher quality Fish as well as fine restaurant with upgraded sushi.

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