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Headline Manhasset Press: Women and Hair Loss - Published 8/21/08

Can losing your hair be related to diet or can this be a sign of a health condition?

You are noticing more hair then ever being left behind in your hair brush, even upon wakening you notice your pillow is decorated with a few extra strains; you remind yourself to ease the anxiety. “we are supposed to lose hair daily” but are you suddenly noticing your scalp is becoming more visible then usual?

Can eating the right foods keep your locks filled with luster?
We do know age affects our locks along with hormones. In our thirties
we can notice our hair isn’t as shinny and full as when we we’re in our twenties. Hormonally our bodies do change, especially when a women gives birth,( post pregnancy), hormonal fluctuations do occur. Vitamin deficiencies can cause a significant amount of hair loss; this may occur do to lack of the right nutrients. Once deficiencies are corrected along with the balancing of hormones new hair growth will develop.
Another reason for hair loss is Anemia (iron deficient) this predominately occurs in women. Women in general need more iron then men, 10 micrograms to be exact, 18 in all.
Lets talk about stress, kids, career, and family can all wear and tear
on your brain, not to mention your hair. When the body is under significant amount of stress, different chemicals are released causing our bodies to go into a catabolic state, meaning our bodies “break down”. Think of when you we’re under stress did you feel the ill effects?

Try a Yoga class, deep breathing, or gardening.
At the age of Forty we are trying to cope with our new found color “gray” that’s when we expose our hair to color and flat irons and all the latest hair technology to preserve our natural color and shine. Perhaps a fine conditioning treatment can restore the shine we once had.

Clinically, I see patients experience hair loss that are diagnosed with
Hypothyroidism (low thyroid) this disease affects 1-in 50 women.
A patient can complain of being fatigue, weight gain and the more commonly then most “hair loss”.

A common blood test can determine if your thyroid is under active and treatment can be provided, so new hair can grow.

Take your vitamins.
We know getting older can play a harsh role on our hair, but some can be prevented by taking your supplements regularly to prevent deficiencies.

Here is what I recommend for new hair growth and healthy hair.

  1. Biotin 2.500 micrograms
  2. Multi-vitamin (keep in mind there are all not equal) choose a professional line that is certified, Ask your professional.
  3. Fish oil, we know it has to be PCB pure.
  4. Folic acid, this is also recommended for pregnant women, check with your professional for dosage.

Don’t be shy with your protein! Protein may help with the integrity of our follicles and keep them stronger. We do know consuming protein is the building block for muscle growth, the same idea is brought to our hair. Below are foods containing protein.

  1. Eggs
  2. Poultry
  3. Red meat
  4. Fish
  5. Quinoa (Grain)

Anti-Oxidants are the key to binding up free radicals
On a cellular level, keeping a potent regimen of foods with color are most important to free up those radicals that age us, so eat those beautiful foods with color
Reds, yellows, greens ,purples.

Other foods to the rescue are walnuts, beans and olive oil.
It’s important to keep your hair looking well on the outside, but keeping your body healthy and in balance can keep your locks looking luxurious.

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