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How To Stay Trim

Whenever we think of winter, we think of hot chocolate, delicious apple pie, cozy fireplaces and holiday eating. The holiday season is all fun and games until spring rolls around, and we are suddenly in a panic to get the extra pounds off.
Unfortunately, we tend to eat rich foods and exercise less during the winter. This leads to common winter weight gain. With the holidays, the lack of outdoor activities, and the cold short days keeping us bored and inside, exercise seems impossible and overeating seems inevitable.

Snacking is common and the weather sends us inside to hide wearing comfy sweaters next to the TV. There are little things can be done  to help stay active indoors. There are tricks and healthy alternatives to avoid “bored eating”. By keeping busy you can stay in shape.

Eating well and staying on track with a diet can help you stay in shape in addition to increasing your physical activity during the wintertime. Snacking can be difficult to avoid, especially during the holiday season. Avoid the high calories in hot cocoa and eggnog, and opt for a flavorful herbal tea instead.

Keep junk food out of the house, and brush your teeth right after dinner to avoid eating a late night snack. Lastly, keep a food log of everything you eat to avoid overeating during this time; logging can help you realize if you are snacking too much. Combining these simple active strategies and tightening up on your nutrition can reap positive benefits and help you avoid the dreaded holiday pounds.

Staying active can help counteract weight gain and keep you fit during the holiday season. Here are a few ways to keep active and some tips on fat-burning foods to keep a trim waistline.

 Maria Dello, CN is a certified medical nutritionist and owner of Dellonutritionals in Manhasset. Visit or call us at 516-365-1222.

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