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Keeping your Pets Safe and Healthy through


Long Island Based Dog Training in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Maria knows that all dogs are individuals and that your dog will need a custom tailored program to excel during training. Maria specializes in basic obedience, commands, and teaching the owner how to keep his or her puppy safe. We also go over proper leash etiquette, collar training, safeguarding your house, and preparation for bringing home a new puppy. No need to travel, Maria will come to you. You will be taught a well-rounded education and receive guidance in order to build a strong positive foundation with your dog.

Maria and German Shepherd

Our Story

Since I was a child, we had dogs and other pets. I always thought my pets and dogs were a part of the family, and realized at a very young age when looking into my dogs eyes, “dogs are people too.” They experience many emotional feelings as well as physical needs. Let’s examine this further. Animals need to go the doctor for check ups, or if they have a tummy ache, or if they have an ear infection. They can get depressed when they do not see their human. We even bring them to the groomer for a hair cut and a mani-pedi (not exactly but pretty close). As time went on in my nutrition practice, I realized I wanted to share my nutrition skills with my own German shepherd and some of my friends’ dogs. I wanted to address my dog’s food allergies as well as make sure he got the proper nutrients and a proper balanced diet. As I examined “dog nutrition” further I realized many dogs have health issues and some are overweight. A few even have diabetes. Obesity in dogs is more common than you think; many of the diseases humans get, dogs get as well. Is the American diet also affecting Fido? Can those simple table scraps and poor quality of dog food be causing changes in our pets’ health?

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