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View studies showing how Lipoic acid helps in the prevention of Strokes/Heart Disease/Diabetes:

A Current Update on the Use of Alpha Lipoic Acid in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.


Lipoic Acid Supreme 60 vegetarian capsules

Lipoic Acid Supreme is a mixture of high dose lipoic acid, biotin, and taurine, which all support blood sugar and insulin balance. Lipoic acid increases the need for biotin by lowering levels of biotin dependent enzymes. Thus Lipoic Acid should always be taken with biotin. Lipoic Acid Supreme contains high dose lipoic acid, biotin, and taurine which all support blood sugar and insulin balance, making a great combination. Lipoic Acid has been extensively researched for its applications in diabetes, blood sugar metabolism, heavy metal detoxification, liver health, hepatitis, and diabetic neuropathy. Lipoic acid has also been studied for its effects on the aging process and in the prevention of wrinkling by protecting collagen in the skin. Most importantly, it has been found to be an essential nutrient for diabetics to optimize the function of the insulin receptors.

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Baywood International, Inc. (OTCBB:BYWD) announced that resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red wine, may counter type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, according to a new study.

Insulin is a hormone that controls blood sugar. Insulin resistance occurs when the body becomes less sensitive to insulin. This condition can lead to type 2 diabetes. Chinese scientists report that resveratrol curbs insulin resistance in mice. These scientists, including Cheng Sun and Qiwei Zhai of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai, indicate that this is a "valuable new strategy for treating insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes." If the findings apply to people, it might be possible to create new resveratrol compounds. However, to reach the same levels of resveratrol, it would require a significant consumption of red wine.
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