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Why Reset? 

Resetting or detoxing your body can have numerous benefits for your health and well-being

Increased Vitality

Reduced Body Fats

Healthier Skin and Hair

Restful Sleep

Happier Mood

14-Day Detox Plan 

The VegeCleanse Plus Program has been created to support the body’s natural two-phase detoxification process in order to safely and effectively remove harmful toxins from the body. This program has a shorter duration than our other popular detoxification programs, yet it remains comprehensive in scope.

Using a combination of carefully selected products and a methodical, step-by-step diet plan, the 14 Day Detox/Cleanse Program has been designed in order to introduce people to a healthy cleansing process without having to commit to a longer regimen. It is ideal for those with busy schedules or anyone new to the concept of detoxification.

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Get everything You need to Start your Detox

Nutritionist Maria Dello and Designs For Health make it easy to achieve a healthier you! Maria Dello's VegeCleanse Program includes everything you need!

Complete Detox Kit

14-Day Designs for Health VegeCleanse Plus Kit

Professional Support

Expert Nutritionist Maria Dello will coach you every step of the way. 

Everything You Need

Daily Meal Plans, Delicious Recipes, Weekly Shopping lists

Meet your Guide

Maria Dello is a certified nutritionist from the American Health Science University and a member of NANP, Ms. Dello is considered an expert in her field and has over twenty years of experience. Our goal is to combine the best of nutrition and the latest, cutting-edge technologies along with the needed support and guidance for you and your family to achieve optimal health. It is important to look at the whole person, both physically and emotionally so that optimal healing may take place. Our focus is to teach, guide and educate every individual that walks in our door or visits our website. It is also our hope that each individual keeps spreading the news about the benefits of good nutrition.

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What Our Participants Say

"Maria has this magic button and because she knows her stuff, presto, it works. She is supportive and believes in you when you may not. Her calming demeanor makes you feel that anything is possible. She has changed my way of thinking and helped me achieve goals I thought were not even possible. I appreciate all she has done for me and especially her friendship along this journey."

-Lauren TULANO

"I never had a weight problem in my life. I never had to think about dieting. COVID changed everything. I packed on 15 pounds from stress, and comfort foods. I needed help, and reached out to Maria Dello. She found the perfect plan for me, including diet, exercise, and meditation. The weight came off at a controlled rate, and I learned so much about nutrition."

-Amy B. 

"Maria dello is a true nutrition expert with an extensive background in health and wellness. She has the ability to get to the root of the problem whether it is weight loss or a certain ailment. She provides a warm and friendly atmosphere allowing the client to feel safe and comfortable. The way she educates clients is teaching and guiding each individual on how to take charge of their health on their own. 

-Amanda G. 

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