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Whole Beauty Collagen

Whole Beauty Collagen

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Changes to your hair, skin, and nails can happen as you get older. They may make you feel less like the YOU you know inside. Whole Beauty Collagen is based on the latest clinical research in the science of beauty. It is newly formulated to help promote radiant hair, skin, and nails.*

Collagen fibers make up 75% of skin and help provide elasticity, smooth texture, and strength. In the body, collagen also helps promote hair follicle growth.*

Whole Beauty Collagen is a convenient, once-daily powder that uniquely combines hydrolyzed collagen peptides with Lustriva®, a patented blend of stabilized biotin and silica, which are key nutrients needed for strong hair, skin, and nails.* Evidence suggests that Lustriva® may help promote hair and nail strength and hair fullness.*

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