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Maria Dello Lectures Manhasset High School - By Stefani Pappas

On March 24, 2011, the Manhasset High School Nutrition Club hosted a lecture by Medical Nutritionist Maria Dello, proprietor of Dellonutritionals Inc. in Manhasset, NY. The lecture took place at Manhasset High School and a successful turnout of students and parents attended this event.

The night began with a focus on balancing everything and eating in moderation. Ms. Dello emphasized the leading causes of obesity in America, including sugar, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and artificial sweeteners. She quizzed the audience as attendees were asked to guess which household foods contained the highest amounts of sugar. Ms. Dello supplied pedometers and Dellonutritionals Stainless Steel Water Bottles as prizes. She stressed examining ingredient lists and limiting sugar intake.

The evening then proceeded to focus on preparing meals for the week and starting the day with a healthy, protein-rich breakfast to stabilize blood sugar. Ms. Dello recommended that athletic students who often reach to Gatorade to hydrate should try coconut water to balance electrolytes without the added sugar in products like Gatorade. She mentioned brain foods such as wild salmon, walnuts, dark chocolate, green tea and blueberries, which can benefit students in both academics and athletics.

Finally, Ms. Dello discussed ways for students to avoid the so-called “Freshman-15.” She discussed how college students often get into bad habits, like not drinking enough water, eating fast foods, not sleeping enough and eating late at night when the digestive system should be resting.

Complimentary healthy snacks were provided by members of the Manhasset High School Nutrition Club, and Principal Dr. Dean Schlanger made a special appearance towards the end of the night.

Raffles were auctioned off and proceeds went towards the Kids in Nutrition Program- an organization dedicated to providing nutritional counseling to underprivileged families on Long Island. Raffles included a cooking class to Sur La Table, a prom package to nuBest Salon and Spa, and Maria Dello provided three healthy gift baskets.

Attendees were raving about Ms. Dello’s lecture, saying that it was both educational and informative. Students called her “inspiring,” and “refreshing.” As the President of the Manhasset High School Nutrition Club, I am pleased to say that this was one of our most successful events and we look forward to inviting her again in the future. It was an honor and a privilege having her come speak to the club, and she is someone that we can both learn from and see as a “role model”. Ms. Dello is also a contributor to the Manhasset Indian Ink Newspaper, which features her articles that provide health information to students and their families.

Ms. Dello is dedicated to her passionate goal of teaching, guiding, and educating every individual who walks in her door or visits her website about the benefits of a salubrious lifestyle and diet. Maria’s proven combination of the most curative, nutritional advice and the latest state-of-the-art technologies coupled with the one-on-one support and daily guidance in her Manhasset office, makes her one of the gems of Manhasset’s North Shore. Testimonials by many of her clients reveal that Maria targets and helps men, women, and children with weight loss tactics, longevity through simple diet changes, and heart-healthy alternatives for healthier living. Many North Shore doctors have recommended Maria to their patients with successful results. Maria manages to fit sophisticated speaking engagements at local fundraisers and clubs into her monthly agenda. Finally, Maria writes an informative weekly nutritional column comprised of the latest research on health and nutrition for many local Long Island newspapers. For more inforamtion about Maria Dello and current events visit and for daily health tips visit

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